Inspection & Certification

Our service-package includes the inspection /certification according to the current obligatory regulations, amended version.

  • Regulation(EC) 834/2007 (for organic production and labeling)
  • Guideline “Organic Production”, as amended

We also offer inspections / certifications of following additional guidelines (optional):

  • Regulations of the label “Bio Suisse”
  • bio.inspecta Organic Standard (eqivalence inspection in third countries), certified by bio.inspecta
  • Standards for NOP-Certification (USA), certified by bio.inspecta
  • Regulations of the association “Österreichischer Demeterbund”
  • Guideline of the farmer´s association “Bio Austria”
  • Regulations of the German association “Bioland”
  • Regulations of the German association “Naturland”
  • Regulations for the labeling of Beef
  • Regulations for the “AMA-Biozeichen” with or without declaration of the origin
  • Regulations of ARGE haymilk
  • regulations of the association “Die Bio Hotels”

In collaboration with agroVet GmbH we offer the following quality standards:

  • AMA Gütesiegel for fruits, vegetables and potatoes
  • AMA Gütesiegel
  • QS-Standards (quality and safety)
  • Pastus +
  • Regulation (EC) 510/2006 PDO; PGI (protected designation of origin; protected geographical indication)
  • private Standards like Danube Soya, Sustainability Standards, Traceability

International Inspections and certifications

On request we also inspect according to international standards. Special agreements with foreign inspection authorities guarantee a frictionless export/import of organic products.

Import from Eastern European countries

Together with our subsidiary company Hungaria Öko Garancia and our locations in Romania and Croatia we inspect organic products in Central and Eastern Europe and hence are able to assure a high reliability on import products.

International standards

In combination with the leading inspection body in Switzerland bio.inspecta we bundle our strengths within the international division: We are competent partners inspecting according to international quality standards. Hence we can ensure frictionless export /import of organic products.


Ecert – the innovative software for inspections and certifications.
ABG has developed a new software together with its partner bio.inspecta. This software enables quick and efficient handling of the inspection and certification activities.
Establishment of this program will reduce the paperwork to a minimum step by step. Additionally, numerous communication steps with the ABG can be done via internet – e.g.:  fill in data entry form application for something, access to your own inspection documents/reports.


Operations/farms with access to the organic data base are able to download or print their own certificate as well as certificates of other companies, in an easy and quick way. Waiting for a certificate requested belongs to the past.
These data are available in our Website

Customer portal

As a special service we provide a personal customer portal for our clients.
From this portal you can get the following information:

  • master data: name, address and contact data
  • services: all inspection services, these are all regulations that we check during our on-site inspections (EC Organic Regulation, Guidelines of Farmer`s Associations, and so on)
  • contact person: responsible person fort the inspection or person who is in authority of co-operations, (e.g.:  processing on order, mountain pasture)
  • certificates: all valid certificates, that were issued. You can download them as pdf-files.
  • certification details: plant varieties (hectares), animals (including number of animals), organic raw material and processed products with the actual status.

click here to access the customer portal

Catalogue of organic inputs

Every year our clients receive the current catalogue of organic inputs free of charge. This catalogue (prepared by infoXgen) lists all inputs allowed in organic production, and provides insights into the regulations. This catalogue of inputs is a standard work in Austria.

Click here to find the electronic catalogue